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Globalart Valencia

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Our Mission

Promote creative and innovative thinking in children’s life,Apply creative Ingenuity to deliver the best products,


Global Art Creative Learning Methodology was established 10 years ago (since 1999) with the objective to enhance children's learning disciplines so they will become more creative in their everyday lives.

Through the variety of our programmes, learners learn, grow and develop in a creative and conducive learning environment. The syllabus is designed for learners to experience education in a holistic manner.

The creative programmes are implemented around the world using the same source of teaching and learning concepts.

Winners of several prestigious awards, globalart was awarded the "INNOVATION EXCELLENCE AWARD" in 2009 by SME/SMI Malaysia.

Our partner in higher education, the prestigious Limkokwing University offers higher education in our "Pathway to University Advanced Placement Programme".

Globalart lives on the beliefs that creativity leads to innovations and by inculcating good learning disciplines, learners will create solutions to their everyday challenges & elevate their thinking abilities and resourcefulness.

"Art should have a special place in our educational system if that system is truly dedicated to explore & develop human intellect."