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Guidance Musical Equipment & Learning Center

Teaching Subjects

Our Mission

To provide the best services to our students in education and providing whatever needed by customers




For your information, we are a learning centre that strive to provide the best services to our students in education and providing whatever needed by customers. We believe that business is not limited to merely on short-term business transaction, but a long term relationship with one another by mutual support in learning, loving, sharing and caring for one another.




  • Piano, Keyboard, Guitar, Ukulele, Drum, Chinese Instruments.

  • Pop/ Rock/ Jazz Keyboard for beginner adult & intermediate students. (2 to a class)

Group (Minimum 3 in a group)

  • Guitar

  • Ukelele

Seminar Style

  • Recording software

  • Music Notation Software 

  • Sound Engineering

Special Courses



Other Services

  • Stringing

  • Selling/ Reparing/ Ordering of musical equipments & accessories, books ...


Reviews and Ratings

CK Ang
29 Jul 2015
"Learning to play the guitar at Guidance was worth every "pain" I have suffered at my finger tips. In a nutshell, learning to play and enjoying the guitar could not have been more fun here, an excellent learning centre with a kind boss and heartwarming staff. Despite not being musically inclined nor talented, "thumbs up" to Joseph, my class instructor for making my learning experience a rather refreshing and enlightening one. I truly appreciate his unique abilities not only as a "technical" coach but also an "artistic" mentor. In short, he taught me not only to look at the guitar as a mere musical instrument but rather as an enjoyable interactive instrument between me and my surrounding. I look forward to many more joyful moments of learning in the courses ahead with him and my two other "guitarist" pals in my class."
29 Jul 2015
"I am very glad that I could join the Guitar session in Guidance Musical Equipment & Learning Centre. For the past 2 months, I have gained enormous knowledge on learning how to play the guitar. My instructor, Mr. Joseph is a great teacher. He teaches with full of patience and accommodate us according to our level. Every lesson covered a technique or song or theory and the lessons began to motivate me to practice more and really think about the concepts. His approach during our lessons - relaxed, patient, flexible, and encouragement continues to propel me forward to learn and grow as a guitar player. This positive dynamic has made the last few months a joy. Now I am a better and happier guitar player, I realize that musical learning is journey for life. Moreover, the staffs at this centre are friendly. I am lucky enough to be here. "If you are thinking about learning guitar, Guidance Musical Equipment & Learning Centre should be your first call!""
29 Jul 2015
"Dari dulu, saya tak pandai main gitar. Tetapi bila dapat masuk dan belajar, saya menjadi bagus daripada sebelum ini. Enjoy the classes so much. Pusal Latihan Muzik terbaik. =) "
Bee Fee
25 Jul 2015
"Thanks GOD for leading me to this amazing and wonderful place. A place with professional instructors and friendly staffs. Joseph's Guitar class is interesting and unique indeed. Providing useful techniques and info with clear explanation. I 'm so glad that I hv found the right place. Hv fun and fighting!!"