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HIT Fitness & Martial Arts Gym

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HIT FITNESS & MARTIAL ARTS Academy is Sri Petaling's only Mixed Martial Arts and Pangration School.

Our Mission is to offer a fun, healthy, challenging, learning enviroment where our students can not only excel in competition, but in life physically and mentally as well. This shall be accomplished thru virgous training and discipline.

Our school was started in 2013 until Present in Sri Petaling.

Our vision was to open up a MMA school to educate and give our students the proper training they needed to excel in competition and also in health. Martial arts is the way to go healthy and we aim to be the most successful pure martial arts gym in South East Asia.

H.I.T Fitness & Martial Arts offers training in MMA, Muay Thai, Self Defense and Fitness Conditioning. We're all about you achieving your Fitness Goals


Reviews and Ratings

Marcel Fabian
03 Jul 2015
"Excellent facilities - fully matted top grade Mat suitable for grappling and stand up striking - absorbs impact from being thrown and self inflicted flips and somersaults, loads of punching bags neatly arranged and mirrors to correct your technique and maybe touch up your make up? The staff are knowledgeable and friendly - especially Chet and Ray. Drop by and have a chat with them!"
Benjamin Lim
03 Jul 2015
"Cool playground for fighters ;)"