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Hoe Jujitsu Studio Martial Arts-Center Photo
Hoe Jujitsu Studio Martial Arts

Teaching Subjects

Our Mission

Jujutsu originated in Japanese Samurai schools where warriors were taught combat methods, including various weapons arts


Hoe Jujitsu Studio was founded in 1956 by recognised Grand Master Professor Kam Hock Hoe (1903-1990). Professor Kam graduated from Kyoto International Ju-Jitsu Society Headquarters in 1993. The Kyoto headquarters was one of the most famous ju-jitsu schools in Japan prior to World war 2. 

Currently, the instructors in Hoe Jujitsu Studio are 

1. Leong Chock Lim

Leong sensei has studied under Professor Kam and has trained in the art of jujitsu for 30 years, holding 9th dan in Jujitsu.

2. Michael Lui Kim Loong
A senior instructor who has vast experience in combat and class coaching methods. Holds the title "shidan".