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Our Mission

To give results...no matter what


Who Are We?

We started off as a group of friends who trained together to prepare for the Viper Challenge 2013, a popular 20 kilometre military-style obstacle course. We worked, supported and sweat together. Our time together taught us many lessons. We soon learned that people who trained in such a highly charged environment like that of our group tend to improve massively faster. 

Over time our workouts became more than just workouts. It became a home, where everyone around you is family.We realised that what we do so passionately should be made available to as many people as possible. We started welcoming and teaching newcomers. Nobody will be left alone to figure out how to move safely and properly. We never stopped having fun and always keep the workouts as exciting as ever. 

Honey Badgers warmly welcome everyone and anyone who aspires to achieve a better version of themselves to join us in our workout sessions. 

What do we do?

At Honey Badgers, we develop individuals using personalized fitness programs based on client needs. It's all done within our facility via a 1 trainer to 8 client ratio per session. We figure out everything for you.

Our programming includes specified warm ups and pre-session exercises to accelerate results, perfect technique, fix weak links and prevent injury.

The Honey Badgers training programs include structured progressions in strength and power development, gymnastics, and endurance.

All in all, we will help you to become the best version of yourself. Whether you are here to lose that belly or improve your strength and muscle, we are here to help you achieve that. 



Reviews and Ratings

Michelle Teh
06 Oct 2016
"The feeling of touching my arms and my collar bone, flexing in the mirror and even though it's so stupid, I feel so happy! Nowadays I just like poking my belly to feel the hidden tough abs, and grabbing my own booty lol! It's so different these days. I've gained so much strength, and can DO things with such little effort in my daily life such as pushing the heavy fire door with ONE HAND, grabbing more grocery bags and even my laptop bag seems to be lighter...words alone can't exactly describe how I feel nowadays"
Angela Neserdory
06 Oct 2016
"I have absolutely no idea what should I do before this and I've been doing the normal workout routine without seeing any progress. But after the thorough assessment, Felix give me an overview on what I should be focusing at, and most importantly, he work with me to set my fitness goal, which save me a lot of my time!"
Gee Ci Long
06 Oct 2016
"Started training with @honeybadgersmalaysia since May 2015 after 4yrs of not gymming. I'm glad with the progress I've made so far. As an ex-national junior tennis player with MSN level 1 sport science, seeing the programming and knowledge of the coaches convinced me to start my training. Very happy with the workout buddies that always make it a happy place to train and grow"
Yoon Khee
06 Oct 2016
"I've tried so many fitness coaches in the fitness programs across but none has been so dedicated in helping me to achieve our goals together. Some fitness coaches may just coach you along on your diet plan and your fitness routine but how many of them actually spent one-on-one session through counseling method to guide you along your fitness goals? Not many I would say. After the one-on-one sessions, I feel like a whole new person. This is a place that I found my self-worth and confidence. Just to name a few, from a "bother nothing" individual with nearly zero idea on fitness to someone who is in love with hitting to the workout sessions at least 3 times a week. From someone who is an food addict to someone who can have total self control over hunger. I started meal prepping recently and discovered several new stuff to incorporate into my fitness journey. Wouldn't you say that's just an amazing achievement? But I'm not done yet, there're so many more fitness and lifestyle knowledge I'm learning from the sessions I go to. I couldn't mention more, thanks for allowing me to fall in love with fitness and myself again"
Sundar Ramanathan
06 Oct 2016
"Kelvin was superb in his direction and explanation. Although I was physically able to carry heavier weights, I would always finish my workouts with lower back pain. I mistook it as muscle ache and during my first BadgerWOD, Kelvin reduced my weights to almost 0, corrected my form multiple times until I got it right. I now lift properly and suffer only muscle aches, no more pain from bad form. I've learned that building a strong foundation and having the right form is of utmost importance, and applied these lessons in other parts of my life as well. Now, my posture has improved tremendously, my reflexes are faster and I'm becoming more flexible. HB training is both systematic & objective oriented. It's the best gym experience I've had and I would recommend Honey Badgers. I love it!"
Tey C
06 Oct 2016
"Not your typical, boring gym. I have never been to a gym with such attentive trainers before, and this has truly made the difference for me. The custom workout program allowed me to improve on my technique, and progress on to more advance exercises. I am amazed at what I can lift right now! When I couldn’t perform a movement, they would scale down the exercise, providing me with a variation that allowed me to build up to the main exercise. After training consistently for a month, I had visibly lost weight, gained definition, and was eating more healthily. I feel more energized and confident these days. Honey Badgers has completely changed the way I train. I have never looked forward to going to a gym until I joined them. The classes are great, and my enthusiasm is beginning to show in my physique too. I can't recommend Honey Badgers enough!"
Alicia Fonseka
06 Oct 2016
"So far so good. Day ONE .. Assessment done with Shawn Wong. Looking forward to the journey of attaining and achieving what I've been putting on hold for way too long with way too many excuses! It's time to show myself I'm made of what I am! Come on Shawn ... Help me get there!!!!!! WOOOOHOOOOO"
Thomas Yap
06 Oct 2016
"Got whooped! If you leave your ego at the door it's a fantastic place to learn how to lift. Coaches are knowledgable and patient. Highly recommended!"