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International Fencing Club Malaysia

Teaching Subjects

Our Mission

To ensure every participant to get the basics right and feel comfortable, confident and skills.


International Fencing Club Malaysia offers a range of fencing lessons and courses such as basic step, how to fence, group sparring Training sessions for intermediate or advanced fencer as well as Adult Fencing sessions for those who would like to learn to fence or stay fit through Fencing.We also provide door-to-door service in Klang Valley area and private lesson. 

Being a former national fencer (2006-2016) who have represented Malaysia to London Olympic Games in year 2012, he had polished up the skills since 2004. Thus more than 12 years immersed in his favourite sport, he had learnt a lot of valuable knowledge in life throughout his fencing pathway. He is extremely hard-working, determined and willing to sacrifice in order to strive his goals.

It's been a dream of his to own a fencing academy since his was a teen. He wish to develop more and more talented fencers to represent the state and Country. He will also provide the best knowledge and skills for anyone who wants to learn Fencing for all sorts of reasons: - self-safety, life skill, health benefits and personal empowerment etc. 

Fencing is a unique sport and a fun way to stay physically fit. Not only training and educating the fencer to build character and personality, fencing lessons can develop power of observation, strategy, and judgment and develop problem solving skills. With all those advantages, these skills can help the child to excel in all areas of their life. The effective lesson that provide in our club can help them develop and become a good sportsman. Our star coaches are from highly experienced fencing background and well-trained. They are specialized in teaching and coaching with full of passion.

International Fencing Club Malaysia will provide you the best and fun Fencing lessons that suit your needs. We ensure all our participants to feel comfortable, safe, fun, health & enjoy  all the time. Join us NOW. We will provide you the best services..