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iTrain Kids

Teaching Subjects

Our Mission

Bringing more tech and creative content to kids via experiential learning/training at our labs.


Our goal is to inspire more young coders! At iTrain Kids your child will learn how to code by building apps and developing games.

We offer specialised full and half day workshops for your children between the ages of 8 and 14. We teach your children how to build their very own app and game (which they can bring home to show you)! From thevery basics to the more advanced, we are aiming to inspire the next generation of Zuckerbergs! We mix it up to keep your kids engaged and to help your kids have FUN while learning how games and apps are made.

In collaboration with Google, iTrain Kids also runs the Made with Code initiative, a workshop available only to girls that trains them on how to pick up coding early, students will learn the basics of programming in fun, simple, visual ways. Girls can pick up the coding fundamentals required to pursue any line their interested in from fashion to science to arts, and everything in between. Check our Workshop Calendar to see if there are any coming soon!

All students will work with friends to brainstorm ideas and have fun learning new skills that are needed in every industry in the world. Our dedicated instructors and online teachers are our brand heroes, and embody the passion and creativity that we strive to inspire in every child.

We’ve now taught over 2,000 happy students in Malaysia.