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Journey within Studio

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Our Mission

We seek to see our earth filed with human who are at peace and who cares for each other with love and compassion.


In Journey Within, we are devoted to introduce ways of discovery of individual inner reality and development of spiritual awakening through the practice of yoga and meditation.

Recognizing that peace in the world comes from within the mind, our aim is to inspire all to learn to let go of the old ways of thinking and return to the reality of nature through cultivation of bare “awareness” free from all ritual practices and religious believes. Whilst many meditation and yoga methods are being practiced now with different or even no aim at all, it is the kind of practices served as an aid to ultimate spiritual awakening that cease all sufferings of humanity that really interest us.

Our teachers are committed practitioners for many years in their own field and supported by their own personal experience, their approach to practice aims at giving space for individual self investigation into knowing the reality of the inner-self. And these practices are doorways into true joy, peace and contentment.