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Joy With Music

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Our Mission

We provide one on one piano and general introductory music lessons for any child or adult with a passion to learn piano.


Joy With Music aims to provide introductory piano lessons for any child or adult with a passion for music. We focus on teaching the basics of music from understanding notes, playing the piano and expressing oneself through music. This becomes the foundation before you decide whether to pursue a formal music education be it studying the ABRSM syllabus or anything similar.


Think of Joy With Music as the foundation. We teach you the basics of the piano and music so you can decide on whether to pursue a formal education in music. These days, we find many children and teenagers who have gone through formal music education but never truly enjoy the benefits of playing an instrument. Many of them hardly ever play again upon completing their higher grades.

It becomes just another certificate. We hope to inspire people to enjoy and love music, especially the piano. If you ever wanted to take piano, or quit, and wish you hadn’t, your second chance has arrived. Perhaps you were too young. Perhaps it was that rigid teacher and those boring exercises. Forget the past. Unleash the pianist within you now.