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Joyclub Dance Academy

Teaching Subjects

Our Mission

To instill a love and passion for dance and music to our students and is a place to allow individuals to be free throughmusic


Joyclub Dance Academy was established to provide dance instruction that give dancers with the flair and style they want and need. Every effort is made to produce clear, complete, understandable dance steps. Our instructors have many years of combined experience in dance and instruction. We strive to use terminology that is clear and universally understandable.

Joyclub Dance Academy offering dance style that was free, funky and suited for everyone! Our Main Dance style is a fusion of Modern Jazz, with 'Modern trends' being the secret to its popularity. Over the years the school has expanded to offer other classes in: Street Jazz, Line Dance, Hip Hop, Jazz Funk, Latin American, MTV, Latin Mix, Yoga & Belly Dancing. We also offer Corporate Classes, Private functions and corporate dance performances.