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Junior Art Creative Space

Teaching Subjects

Our Mission

to explore and discover all the wonders of the world in a fun and loving way of learning.


Established by a panel of team who are passionate in creating a creative space for the children, JuniorArt has drawn up comprehensive programs that go beyond the mastery of art, setting new standards for children to explore and discover all the wonders of the world in a fun and loving way of learning.
We firmly believe that our future is in the hands of our children and that we need to give them the tools, skills and passion to assist them in exploring their environment. Through art, children learn to value their own uniqueness and to appreciate the individuality of others, strengthening their confidence and becoming creative problem solvers.
We feel privileged to be able to release the magic of childhood discovery and creative play and the many benefits they bring.

- JuniorArt Classes
- JuniorArt During School Day
- JuniorArt After School

JuniorArt Program provides:
• A top quality program designed with both education and art as the focus
• An enthusiastic and well-trained JuniorArt art instructor
• Supplies and creative materials needed for class
• A GREAT value

- LITTLE JUNIOR ART (3 ½ to 6 years old)
- JUNIOR ART (7 to 12 years old)

Art & nutrition education for children to help your children to develop healthy eating habits by getting them involved in the kitchen.

Our workshops are a great opportunity for your child to try new and exciting Art and Craft techniques and materials, from throwing clay pots on a wheel to photography, batik and oil painting to printing during holiday. We are constantly amazed at the ability all children have given the opportunity, materials and guidance.

JuniorArt party is a creative way to celebrate a birthday or special occasion. You can hire us to run mini workshops for your children at birthday parties, weddings, festivals, Christmas parties or any gathering where children need to be kept busy. We offers spectacular, age-appropriate, all inclusive, themed party packages for children of all ages. We’ll handle the preparation and clean up, plus provide all the supplies. Our enthusiastic art specialists will lead the non-stop art and imagination action!