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KeeJan Musical 艺展音乐艺术公司

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We provide quality music lesson,especially : guzheng lesson/chinese Harp/Chinese Zitar(in PJ/KL/Selangor),Erhu Lesson.


艺展音乐学院(前身:艺展音乐艺术公司)2001年成立。创办人~蓝启伦 累积了多年教学经验, 曾以古筝参加过无数的华乐比赛, 获得全马民族乐器弹拨组公开赛冠军。培育了不少演奏者及音乐老师。從小住在吉蘭丹巴西富地的藍啟倫藍啟倫熱愛古箏音樂,父親經營二手物品買賣生意,一家五口過著純樸的生活。1983年當時他是8歲的小學生,首次看見父親彈奏古箏,深深被古箏的美妙音樂吸引。
KeeJan Music School (formerly: KeeJan Enterprise) was established in 2001. Founder Mr. Alan Lam accumulated years of teaching experience, and also participated in numerous music competitions. He won the champion during the National Traditional musical instrument competition in Malaysia. He was successfully cultivated a lot of guzheng players and music teacher. His childhood living was in Pasir Puteh, Kelantan and fall in love at guzheng music. His father Mr.C P Lam run a second-hand goods business, they live a simple lives there. In 1983 when he was 8 years old, first saw his father play the zither, was deeply attracted with zither wonderful music.
His father stumbled by Alan high interest, started teaching him simple fingering and simple songs. During school holidays, he drove him to seek for guzheng teacher in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore's Music Centre and enrolled him for guzheng course. 
Alan, not only in line with the industry as a mission of artists, but also with cultural heritage and to promote the mission, although the arts not to be optimistic, but he bear in mind his father's teachings, the principle of doing things down to earth, keeping the virtues of thrift habits.
He currently serves as president of the Federation of Malaysian national instrumental music, Founder of KeeJan Music School, Founder of Regal Orchestra Sdn Bhd.

KeeJan Music School was founded on 2001 by Alan Lam. With a lot of effort and commitment in traditional chinese music, it has become one of the most sought after musicians talent 'factory' in the market. Capable of producing performers thru its 'secret recipe' during the lesson, KeeJan Music School has set up performance group, namely - Regal Orchestra to fulfill the entertainment market and entertainment solution for some events.

We provide a wide range of musical courses and instruments (from traditional Chinese to modern Western) or live performance event (birthday party, special anniversary, annual dinner, talent contest, singing competition, musical show, celebrity show and etc) for your private or perhaps corporate function, including vocal and arts lessons to cater the growing needs of our valued customers.

We have quality environment that provides a positive all-round experience for all. 60 seats Mini Theater venue is available and ready for your next performance!