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Kensington Music Sdn. Bhd.

Teaching Subjects

Our Mission

Leading importers of branded japanese pianos and provide music lesson


At Kensington Music, we offer weekly lessons to beginner, intermediate and advanced students from age 3 1/2 through high school and beyond. The lesson plans include a balance of theory, ear training, sight reading and repertoire appropriate to the student's level and musical ability.

Recommended lesson durations are as follows:

  • Beginner (1st year of study) - 30 minutes/1 hour per week
  • Elementary / Intermediate - 1 hour per week
  • Intermediate / Advance - 1 hour per week

Theory training is included in each lesson.

Music is a language that children can learn naturally in the same way they learn their spoken and written language. By placing emphasis on the quality of listening and playing music, we ensure that our students learn to love music as part of their everyday life. By using our unique methods of teaching, we also encourage our students' physical, artistic and intellectual development and enhance their self-confidence and self-esteem. We develop a special program for each child based on their individual needs making sure that learning is always fun and interactive.

All students are encouraged to participate in open recitals twice a year.