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Kia Kaha Fitness

Teaching Subjects

Our Mission

To create athletes from everyone and anyone.


We believe in the power of CHANGE. Too often, people get so comfortable with life that they run on autopilot. They forget how good it feels to inhale air, because they do not allow themselves to really need it. They forget how sweet water can actually taste, because they do not allow themselves to get that thirsty. They forget how to LIVE.

We believe in LIVING.

We have worked with different people, helping them achieve a stronger, fitter and healthier version of themselves. We have a passion for health and fitness, and we find it extremely fulfilling watching people realize their dreams.

- Corporate Group Training: Studies have shown that an active team of people distinctively increases work productivity. Keep your employees fit and healthy and not only will there be less sick days, you can observe how the dynamics of the team improves!

- Group Fitness Class: Exercising in a group is almost always half as daunting as exercising alone. Never underestimate the power of Team Spirit.

- Personal Training: Go the extra mile. Achieve what you thought was impossible. We will help you get there.

- Youth Strength Conditioning: Optimize your athletic potential. Prevent overuse injury. Improve your agility, explosive power, endurance, stability, and flexibility.

- Senior Strength Training: Never too old to change your lifestyle. Increase muscle strength. Fight lethargy. Improve stability and balance, energy levels, sleeping habits, and mood. Reduce the chances of falling, aches and pains.

- Pregnant and Post Partum Training: It is extremely demanding to work out, get fit, carry on with your daily life, all while carrying a growing baby in your tummy. We can help you increase your strength and ensure you have a safer, more pleasant delivery. And once you've given birth to your little bundle of joy, let me help you get back in shape, ease yourself back into your daily routines with more energy and strength!