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Kinderworld Child Development and Day Care Centre-Center Photo
Kinderworld Child Development and Day Care Centre

Teaching Subjects

Our Mission

to provide a quality educational program for young children


Kinderworld. We Care, We Nurture
We have been established since 1995 and we aim to create a fun learning environment for kids to learn as they grow.

Our Educational Program is purposefully planned and structured to enable children to learn through interaction, experiment, play and activities. In line with the government's national curriculum, we adopt appropriately selected teaching materials and teaching method to enable children with different level of capability to learn at their own pace.


Day Care Service by dedicated and caring staff. We cater supervision of children schoolwork, purposefully planned after school activities for relaxation and additional learning and general well being of the growing child. External program such as Art Class, English Phonics Class, Tuition Class, Primary Tuition Class and Holiday Enrichment Class.



1. 画画班 2. 小学安亲班 3. 英语发音班 4. 假期补导班 5. 补习班