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Language Garden

Teaching Subjects

Our Mission

We are a leader in child education which impact and inspire LIFE TIME learning.


Language Garden is a new Language Centre in Damansara Perdana, Malaysia. Language is a powerful tools in connecting the world. In Language Garden, we work towards quality education program which impact and inspire LIFE TIME learning.

Courses that we have:

1) English class for Young Learner ( starter - Flyer)

2) IELST Preparation

3) Mandarin for standard 1 & 2 
This program is specially cater for Chinese school students who are weak in Chinese language. Students who are weak in Chinese especially vocabulary are normally having problems in Mathematics and Science in Chinese media. Our program can help students to increase vocabulary and reading ability. Through this program, we are confident that students will be able to catch up in school for Mandarin, Mathematics and Science subjects.

4) Mandarin for pre-school learner
Our program can help students to build up the foundation of Mandarin before entering Chinese School.

5) Chinese as second languge ( Beginner)
This program is special for Non-chinese speakers. This program is to build up the interest of the child in Chinese language. Through Fun learning, students are able to speak confidently, write , read and listen.

6) Chinese for YCT and HSK Test

7) Conversational Chinese for Adult

8) Bahasa Malaysia for Foreigner

9) Korean Language
This program divided into 8 levels : 
Elementary 1&2
Intermediate 1&2
Advance 1&2