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LEANBODIES Fitness Centre Kuala Lumpur

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24 Hours Fitness Centre, Personal Training, Classes & Employee Wellness Program


LEANBODIES Fitness Centre started with a vision to provide quality full gym facilities in a clean, comfortable environment at an affordable price. We also believe exercise should be hassle free and that everyone is entitle to a good regular workout in a good facility without having the need to pay too much for it. So we make the membership flexible with no joining fees, no minimum term contract.

High quality customer service is top priority in our mind. To maintain high service standards, we ensure we have dedicated, qualified and professionally trained personnel to deliver them to our customers. We also have a limited membership size to ensure a more personalized service is given to our customers. Apart from the typical gym facilities, we provide online services where members are able to design their own workout and meal plans with online guidance from us. We have included the meal plan design as we know from a professional standpoint that proper nutrition is a key component in any workout programme and in achieving general health and fitness. This fact is often forgotten and is what we believe often neglected or missing in the fitness equation. So we have incorporated this piece into our online services to educate our customers on the importance of nutrition. As professionals, we know only with proper nutrition will customers fully benefit from their hard work in the gym.

At LEANBODIES, we promote healthy living and we believe this can only be achieved through regular exercise and healthy diet. There is no short cut to this. This would be the premise from which we operate and we will strive hard to drive this philosophy to the benefit of our customers. Of course in fun way!