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Learning Fresh (HQ)

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Our Mission

Building Confidence, Inspiring Young Minds


Learning Fresh is a developmental learning facility where every student is recognized for his/her budding learning potential. We have a full-range of English Language Programmes, Preschool Programmes, School Holiday Programmes, Early Intervention Programmes (EIP) and Homeschooling Aid. 


Combined with our precise teaching methodologies and adherence of academic standards in accordance to the UK National Curriculum, hundreds of our students, locally and internationally, have exceled in their academics, language, social, emotional and cognitive skills. Learning Fresh uses a blend of curricula and programmes geared toward school readiness as well as providing enriching experiences for your child. Your child will enjoy and learn from various activities and experiences such as English Literature, Speech and Drama, Creative Writing, Social Sciences, Music and Movement, art experiences, cooking classes, and even yoga practice! We believe young children learn best from their experiences. That is why we make sure they are exposed to many different mediums so they can discover their world, create new ideas and express themselves. These activities focus on development of your child's social, sensory, and motor skills.


Our teachers and staff are also very passionate about your child’s safety and learning experience. We know that each child develops at a different rate so the Learning Fresh's teachers and staff will work with you to ascertain which class will fit the needs of your child best. Learning Fresh is comprised of these classes:


  • FRESHSTART nursery & kindergarten - CHILDREN FROM 2 1/2 TO ABOUT 5 YEARS OLD

  • FRESHGRADPLUS homeschooling aid - CHILDREN FROM 5 to 11 YEARS OLD

  • FRESHGRAD extensive English language classes  - CHILDREN FROM 18 MONTHS OLD TO 16 YEARS OLD

  • FOXTROTTER school holiday programme - CHILDREN FROM 3 TO 12 YEARS OLD

  • THE DRAMA CLUB school holiday programme - CHILDREN FROM 3 TO 12 YEARS OLD


Whether you need full-time or part-time classes, you should find that Learning Fresh is the perfect place for your child. You can contact us anytime, and we would love to meet you and your child!