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Training and Coaching base on Accelerated Alternative Learning skills & Personal Empowerment for peak performance


Light House Learning Group
Shinning Your Way To Success

The Company is founded on turning a dream of making effective learning available to students in Malaysia.

We are focused on giving effective educational skills, which allow students to learn and master accelerated learning techniques. We strongly believe in combining training and coaching in our programs for students. With a series of dynamic talks with activities by experienced trainers who specialize in coaching youths towards achieving peak performance in their education.



Turbo Charge Learning (TCL) is a program that combines Accelerated 
Alternative Learning skills & Personal Empowerment. Using the foundations of training and coaching together allows students to reach their fullest potential not merely in school but throughout the duration of their lives. 

This program is focused on assisting students in school, by giving them the tools of Advance Learning Skills that allow students to become efficiently independent in their studies. Within each individual there is a brilliant mind calling for stimulation, and through the help of our program we can release such potential in every student.



Reviews and Ratings

Chen Xin Wan
20 Jul 2015
"Turbo Charge Learning Program is very good. Especially the SUPER MEMORY! I love the program, & I hope more students can attend the workshop because it's the best I have ever attended."
Carmen Lee JIa Wen
20 Jul 2015
""How am I supposed to cover all my subjects in just three months?" has been a very boggling question in my head before attending the Turbo Charge Learning Program. Studying is now easy, fun & effective!"
Jim Xue Li
20 Jul 2015
"My results were on the borderline, & after this workshop, I learnt how to study effectively. Now I can score ! in school & Life!"
Teoh Ching Hann
20 Jul 2015
"Your memorizing skill helped me score 5A's for PMR! Thank you!"
Bu Xian Jie
20 Jul 2015
"I learn how to study SMART and scored 6 A's for PMR, my trget now is 9A's for my SOM!"
20 Jul 2015
"Saya menghadapi masalah menghafal subject seperti Biology dan Sejarah. Tetapi selpas saya mengyertai workshop ini, saya dapat mengunakan kaedah yang diajar Mr Webby dengan lancar."
Dr. Bhamini Harindran
20 Jul 2015
"Both my children became more positive, confident & focus in their studies after attending the program with Webby. They are able to use the tip's shared by Webby in their studies. I support any parent to send their children to the Turbo Charge Learning Programmes."