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Little Human Scholars

Teaching Subjects

Our Mission

To educate the early years with strong emphasis on traditional values amidst cultivating a modern day, cutting edge learning


Little Human Scholars is a little cozy facility that offers its services in early years education. We are proud to have conceptualized a modern day child enrichment centre, integrating traditional values with cutting edge teaching techniques, all under a safe homely setting.

At Little Human Scholars, its all about helping your child put together the pieces of the puzzle that is life. We gently nudge them into successfully reaching each milestone all while having a blast of a time!! Our vision is for the pitter patter of their feet evolving into a dance.... physically, mentally and emotionally. We open our doors to you, your child and their little eager-to-learn minds to our centre. We guarantee a learning experience to remember.

Our group of existing teachers and management work very closely together to create a fun and energetic environment for all.