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M & M Art Studio

Teaching Subjects

Our Mission

We dedicate to providing competent, professional instruction of art in friendly, pleasant surroundings while catering to the varying needs of different target market group.


Being creative or artistic is truly a gift, a natural talent. But as with any talent, it needs being tempered, honed, and optimized. Without proper training, one might never achieve the potential he / she was born with. And to assist you to hone your talents, you will want a good Art studio!

Our priority in all our art classes is that the children enjoy doing the activities; but we also want them to learn to develop their artistic skills at the same time teach them how to draw by developing their own style.

We use a range of materials:

  • oil pastels
  • water-colours
  • charcoal
  • pencil
  • acrylic colour
  • and the list goes on.

We are also constantly devising new activities to teach them how to develop their artistic techniques (sketching, blending, portraiture and scale).

In our regular art class that runs every Saturday, we teach children aged 4-8yrs. We design our activities to be accessible to all the children whatever their artistic ability. The children do not need to have any particular artistic skills to attend, we simply work to develop their skills whatever their level of development. It may be that your child simply loves to paint or draw, or that they want to develop their skills in portraiture or perspective drawings. 

Our Advanced Art Group is still focused on having fun but the activities are more technical. We explore the use of different materials, such as acrylic paints and inks, with more advanced and focused drawing techniques in pencil and ink. We also use clay and printing techniques that can be practised at home using simple and affordable materials. We may also spend the whole day working towards completing one piece of work and combine different techniques within one piece of work. Basic Art appreciation classes will be held for these age groups. Art Appreciation is the knowledge and understanding of the universal and timeless qualities that identify all great art. The more the kids appreciate and understand the art of different eras, movements, styles and techniques, the better they can develop, evaluate and improve their own artwork. Our Art appreciation classes help teach the kids important artworks by some major artists associated with different art movements and style such as impressionism, cubism and pop art.

We will allow our students an opportunity to exhibit all their artwork at the end of the term, at renowned art gallery in Malaysia. This will be a great experience for them.