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Madeleine Kindergarten Sdn Bhd

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Our Mission

We open the gates to fun learning environment.


Madeleine Kindergarten was established in 1955 and has a noteworthy history of achievements as one of the pioneers in child development in Malaysia.

Madeleine Kindergarten's objective is to provide a holistic educational foundation for every child who is unique. We utilize proven methods of teaching and constantly seek to improve our facilities. We provide professional training for all our teachers to ensure your child is taught in the best possible way.

We offer a proven method of teaching children in their formative years to grow towards excellence in their mental, physical and emotional well being.

The learning programmes are designed to be fun and are taught by qualified and experienced teachers in a large, purpose built centre providing a conducive environment for the children.

Thousands of children who graduated from Madeleine Kindergarten through the years have become a testimony of our commitment to preschool education excellence.