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Metaphor Training Centre 敏达教育学院-Center Photo
Metaphor Training Centre 敏达教育学院

Teaching Subjects

Our Mission

Chemistry specialist for F4 & F5 students. Find out and learn about our METAPHOR formula before you SPM.


Inherent problem solver: We are the only centre that pre-assess your child behavioral test to determine the right teaching style for him using NLP, a scientific approaches!

Proprictory method: We specially set up a free clinic session for those students who need in attention and care in their school work. 

1) Primary & Secondary School tuition

* Primary School Tuition 
- All Subject ( BM, BI, BC, Maths, Science )
- Day Care & Homework Coaching

* Secondary School Tuition 
- Science, Maths, Add Maths, Chemistry, 
Physics & Biology




1) 中小学补习

* 小学补习班
- 全科 ( 马来语、英语、华语、数学、科学 )
- 安亲班 & 功课班

* 中学补习班
- 科学、数学、高数、化学、物理、生物