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Music 101 Services

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Our Mission

To Provide an enjoyable and worthwhile learning session


Music 101 Services believes that everyone is able to take up and learn an instrument. However, it is understood that most working parents or young adults are not so fond of attending a lesson session at a centre. No suprise there, you would be  having to spend time in traffic, Toll expenses,  Look for parking ( paying for Parking at times ) just to get to class. But what if we told you, you're able to learn or have a class at the comfort of your home ? We believe a person can learn better when they're at  a more familiar and comfortable environment, thus we provide the service of a house to house private learning. We have qualified and experience teacher that has many years of experience teaching with local and expatriate children . Be it Pop, Rock or Classical, we are here to serve and guide you in your learning journey.