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Our Mission

Music Lesson, Musical instrument manufacturing, supply, hand-making & repairing.


Choosing music instruments is never easy. Besides listening to the sound quality, it is vital to test the materials used to ensure the suitability. We always see our beginner students tend to choose their music instrument based on the appearance. Therefore when they purchase that particular instrument, it is not worth their money and sometimes not sustainable.
When one uses the inappropriate instrument, it will affect the learning process and at the same time affect the student's sense in music.

To overcome this problem, Music To You decide to involve in handmade musical instrument and manufacturing.

Under the guidance of Jeffrey Yong (a two-time World Class Luthier Champion for The World Most Beautiful Sound Handmade Acoustic Guitar Award) and Marc Lamaq (a Luthier all the way from England), Music To You learnt the art of crafting world’s most fantastic and delicate instruments.

Music To You has strict requirements for production of semi-handmade instruments. Each instrument produced must fulfill the requirements below:

a) It must be handed to the factory which produces international brand instruments and it must have high quality management system and processing plants.

b) From the choice of materials, internal structure, wood working to tuning and assembly, all of these must be in the closest way as the production of full handmade instruments.

c) It must fulfill the requirements of musicians ranged from beginners to professionals in the way of sound, texture and delicacy.

d) It must have the variety of popular exterior designs. Other than to comply with all the handmade instruments specifications, it also has to be at the affordable price range, so that music lovers can get a good quality instrument at an affordable price.

Now, Music To You is music instrument supplier, distributor and manufacturer.