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My Happy Classroom 快乐学苑

Teaching Subjects

Our Mission

MHC Philosophy: We inspired students and discovered potential abilities through FunLearning | 宗旨与理念: 成为孩童的智力启蒙、开拓孩童的无限潜能。 打造轻松愉悦的学习环境,让孩童们快乐学习,学习快乐


MyHappyClassroom is a Language and Art Academy that emphasises on holistic education through Fun Learning. We have teamed up with a group of passionate, dedicated, and professional educators with international experiences. 

The students of today are generally stressful in school. We strongly believe that students should have intellectual fun in both school system and Language learning.

In MHC, students are drove and excited by creative ideas. Students are challenged to acquire new knowledge as well as to become multi-talented. MHC encourages interactive learning instead of spoon-feeding. Students are having fun learning in MHC because they are equipped with a conductive learning environment, caring educators, and interesting methodologies. Embrace this belief (Always FUN Learning) and students can have fun in MHC!

MHC (My Happy Classroom 快乐学苑)是一所注重孩童全方位学习且拥有热诚活力师资的教育培训中心。现代教育管理偏重于成绩,让孩童背负着沉重压力去学习。