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My Little Home

Teaching Subjects

Our Mission

To encourage the child to be self-motivated to learn and promote confidence and self-esteem in the child.


we have a team of dedicated teachers and a carefully planned learning environment. Our curriculum is personally designed and constantly updated and is thus unique, all-rounded and varied. Our library of vast educational materials, resources and supplements ensures that your child’s learning never ends. We painstakingly create our collection of learning materials, worksheets and workbooks. They encompass a wide range of words to enhance vocabulary and contain objects gathered from all over the world to give your child the maximum exposure possible.

Our premise is tailor-made, built with the children’s needs in mind and includes a wading pool, a sandpit, child-sized toilets, a designated snack area, a computer room etc.

Our children are from diverse cultures. Thus they learn to understand, appreciate and respect different cultures and traditions from around the world, an aspect of learning so vital in today’s world.