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Looking for a reliable language course in Kuala Lumpur? Look no further! Welcome to MyTeacher Languages!


We specialize in  French, Spanish, German, English and other language courses for conversation and examination purposes. We tailor make courses for your language learning needs in order to assist you in achieveing your goals efficiently. We have a full proof prepared methodology to help students be better language learners. 



Reviews and Ratings

Thaneesha Raveendrakumar
01 Nov 2016
"When I decided to sign up for Spanish, I did not realise that I would be able to speak or at least hold a conversation with someone after 48 hours of class. This may be attributed to the fact that I had such a wonderful and patient teacher, Señorita Adriana. She truly is a wonderful teacher who is extremely dedicated and goes out of her way to ensure everyone is learning at the same rate, and pushes you to be the best you can be. Truly, I am grateful for her. The course is also designed in a way that makes it very easy and convenient for the students to pick up the language. "
01 Nov 2016
"French classes with Daniel helped me improve my French communication and writing skills tremendously. Because of him, I advanced higher and maintained my French grades. I also struggled less in my French lessons in college because he had already taught me before. In addition, he is a patient man who ensures all his students perform their very best and teaches based on what you need. So, if you want to learn French or any other languages in the centre quickly and gain confidence in learning a new language, check out the centre because without them, I would had still struggled in learning a new language. "
01 Nov 2016
"Mr. Daniel is an excellent teacher as he makes sure to always gauge your level of language comprehension before the class starts and at the ends in order to determine whether you are in pace with the class materials. This method has helped me a lot and it itself has showed myself on how much I have improved and also allowed me to link the gaps in my understanding moreover, he also gives excellent reinforcement work to make sure we are always up to par with the best of our French abilities. "
Neesa Sodirman
01 Nov 2016
"Hi Daniel, I joined Mandarin class since January and ongoing until now. My understanding and knowledge improved a lot! And now I started to write which allows me to recognize a lot of Chinese characters. It is simply amazing whereby my language skills in Mandarin improved greatly whereby my Chinese friends are actually impressed with the improvement I made to the point they are actually scared of me because I understand what they are saying despite being Malay and just started learning Mandarin early this year. Made my journey to Hong Kong and nearby China borders there, even though they speak Cantonese but they are still able to guess what I wanted in Mandarin so I feel relieved a lot. "
Mike Hiong
01 Nov 2016
"At MyTeacher Languages, learning french is made simple and fun! The class is small and interactive and it is incorporated with many interesting learning tools such as videos, audios, story telling and even the upcoming school trip to France! Unlike other language school which is only emphasizing on academics and passing the examination, MyTeacher has a different approach to boost confidence among students to take learning to a higher level! The french manual (a copyright of Mr Daniel Kermovant) is the only guide you need to learn french quick, simple and effective! Kudos to MyTeacher Language School."
Gayoung Jue
01 Nov 2016
"I’m at the basic level of French. At the beginning, the class seemed a little unmanualled and I was really confused whether I’m improving or not, but after 4 classes I found myself reading and writing numbers correctly, which I doubt I can do before. It was surprising! Also, once I got used to use this special small book and the exercise book, it has been really helpful for learning French, which is totally new language for me. I’m looking forward to traveling to Paris in October more because of this class. Thanks to Maeva. "
Anne Choog
01 Nov 2016
"Although I had learned Spanish for 1 year prior to moving to Malaysia, due to lack of practice my Spanish had gotten incredibly rusty. As time passed I began to feel more and more insecure about my knowledge of Spanish, and decided to take Spanish classes in Kuala Lumpur to re-build my confidence. After searching up and conversing with a few teaching centres, I decided on MyTeachers Language Centre because of its friendly professionalism and rave reviews. I had been particularly impressed by the reviews about Adriana, and when I met her in person, I was happy to discover that she was everything that I had read about online and more. Adriana is very passionate about teaching Spanish, and this can be seen from our frequent class conversations through WhatsApp to her comprehensive yet easy-to-understand lessons. Her patience and dedication to her students has really helped to close previous gaps in knowledge I had about Spanish. This has served to not only strengthen my understanding of Spanish, but also renew my love for the language. "
Anna and David Hiscock
01 Nov 2016
"Signorina Gibboni is our Italian langugae teacher and we have spent upto fourty hours of learning together. My husband and I are ‘older’ student and to date we have not excelled in foreign languages. We can’t be the easiest students to impart knowledge to! Throughout all our lessons Signoria Gibboni has exemplified the act of patience. She always takes the time to thoroughly explain each stage and often provides additional anectodal information about the roots of Italian languages and culture. This makes for a very interesting and enjoyable study. We have been greatly impressed with her recall of previous session along with her focus and attention for the duration of the lessons is faultless. It must also be said, that this bella inegnate has never once been more than a minute late for our appointments, which in the traffic chaos of KL is quite miraculous! We are very happy with this introduction to a beautiful language by a skilled and thoughthful instructor and recommend her without reserve. "
Shruti Juyal
01 Nov 2016
"Myteacher has really helped me improve my Spanish. After 1 year of studying Spanish in school, my grammar and vocabulary were very poor. However, within 3-4 months of studying here, my grades have shot up. My teacher willingly helps me even after classes via e-mail. Moreover, she is very organised and knowledgeable and answers all my questions! We go through a lot of extra materials and videos to aid my learning. Overall, this is an excellent institute and is very professional. "
Laang Shyh
01 Nov 2016
"“I have always wanted to pick up French language as I am intrigued by the French culture. A random search through the internet brought me to MyTeacher Languages. After attending the trial class, I was sure that this is right place to learn. Daniel’s method is both innovative and effective. The ‘Little French Manual’ provided for the students is very easy to use and understand. Clear and concise steps on how to form your own sentences are shown in the little manual. ‘Practice Slides’ are also provided to help us to revise and remember what we have learned after each class. The slides are very portable too, allowing you to revise anywhere anytime. To be honest, even I am surprised by my own progress. After barely 20 hours of learning, I am now able to speak and understand fundamental sentences. I now feel more confident to travel to smaller towns in France where English is less used. If you are keen to learn beginner French, you can take my word for it that this is the right place for you!”"
07 Sep 2016
"I really appreciate and glad to join Mandarin class provide by My Teacher Languages & Cultures. Once finishes Mandarin course, looking forward for other language classes available for me to improve as well."
07 Sep 2016
"Learning a foreign language is never easy. However,our Italian language teacher, Lucia, is always so patient and helpful. So far I have learnt many useful tips from her. She is never shy of sharing her knowledge and useful tips to help you learn the language more effectively. Italian language is very cultural and historical. It can be confusing sometimes, which is why Lucia is always there to answer your questions! Italian language is a beautiful and useful language, so give it the respect it deserves. It cannot be learnt just by using google translate! If you are looking to learn Italian, Lucia is a great teacher, and this is definitely the place to come. Don’t forget to bring your dedication and hard work as well! Se lei crede che puo, sicuramente è possibile! Thank you MyTeacher!"
Marcus Lee
07 Sep 2016
"I must confess that learning Spanish with Adriana in these four months is a truly amazing experience. Besides learning the language itself I also explore the Spanish and Mexican culture. She makes learning Spanish as easier as possible and the class is always full of laughter."
Ahmed Ali
07 Sep 2016
"“I have always desired to have the French language as my second language in the same side with English one, due to the fascination with the French culture… I tried to learn French by myself, but it was like the unreachable step. A blind search on the internet brought me to MyTeacher Languages. After attending the trial class, I was so sure that this is the proper place to learn. The way of language teaching that followed by Mr Daniel is both attractive and practical. I want from joining the language club to have the ability to comprehend the French grammar and have the ability to speak freely. The practices throughout the classes forced me to acquire the proper skills. Besides learning the language, I obtained a good deal of knowledge about the French culture, the people, a little about some historical actions and popular singers.The most important thing to learn French or any other languages is to have the confidence and the desire for that. So finally if you want to learn the French language I guess you got to know the right place for that. Special thanks to Mr Daniel and Mesdames Camille”"