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offers various individual and group tutorial programs for every music enthusiasts in classical and contemporary music, speech


Greetings from One Music!

As an advocate of the Arts and Child Development, I strongly believe that music education is an essential ingredient in a child's character development and every child should have the opportunity to learn music. Music education engages and inspires us at any age, builds critical thinking, and supports cognitive and emotional strength. 

During my childhood days, I was pushed to learn the piano and the clarinet. Although I resented it at the time, I'm now grateful for all the music lessons that my father had invested in me. I'm also thankful for the blessings and encouragements that I have received from my American foster parents when they gave me a piano to practice during my college days in America. The endeavour has landed me jobs at piano lounges in the evenings which sequentially financed my university education up to an MBA degree. This wonderful hobby had not only helped me financially as a student, but became a companion and served as an emotional therapy for me. Having gone through a colourful life, I feel compelled to share my experiences and stories through this venture and contribute back to the society by creating employment opportunities and spreading the joy and power of music with everyone especially among the children of our future generation. . 

As parents, we cannot emphasize enough the importance of education and moreover, character building is probably the most important aspect of parental life. Music is a powerful tool. We can use it effectively as a means of communication with our children. Placing music into their lives also will groom their social skills and strengthen them emotionally and mentally. 

One Music™ is all about passion and where everyone can play music. Our on-going events will help our students build self confidence while having fun along the way. Music changes people for the better and all we wish for is to contribute and to be a part of that change. It did for me. I hope we can do the same for you.