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Pang Yuen Ping

Teaching Subjects

Our Mission

To nurture the young seeds with love and care.


I hold a Bachelor Degree in Music from University of Manitoba, Canada. I have experience teaching adults and children for 23 years. We do one on one and group class in a small group to ensure quality meets.

My lovely studio provides:
1) Adults Piano /Violin Lesson
2) Classical Piano (4 years old and above)
3) Violin lessons (6 years old and above)
4) Art n Crafts class (4 - 9 years old)
5) Water Colour Class (9 - 18 years old)
6) YoungKids Music Class (4- 6 years old)
7) SensoryPlay Class (2 - 4 years old)

Joanne Chen (registered counsellor) is one of our instructors for SensoryPlay Class for 2 to 4 years old toddlers and children /Adolescent workshops.

The aims of SensoryPlay (2 to 6 yo) are:
1) to enhance sensory development
2) to enhance psychomotor skills
3) social interaction
4) develop a disciplinary routine
5) fun and joyful activity
6) music appreciation
7) Art and Crafts Creativity
8) word recognition/ flashcards

Children/Adolescent workshops (6-18 yo)
1)To Boost up Self confidence
2) Time management
3) To tackle difficulty in learning
4) promote better social interaction
5) character building

YoungKids Music Class(4 - 6 years old) will be conducted in a small group of max 6 kids:
1) Music Appreciation
2) Rhythmic training
3) Listening and Singing skills
4) Music Notations
5) Rudiments of Music theory
6) Music History
7) Fun Musical Ensemble