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Pilates Home Studio

Teaching Subjects

Our Mission

to provide quality affordable Pilates method classes and variety of fitness options for children, mature adults.


Pilates Home Studio is a Pilates, Rehabilitation and Fitness boutique studio in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia incorporated in October 2008 and located at Bangsar South, Pantai Hill Park. 

Pilates Home Studio Sdn Bhd is a well-equipped PILATES-based Fitness and Rehabilitation studio offering a multi-faceted approach to physical fitness, health, general wellbeing and chronic disease management. The studio has a full range of traditional Pilates equipment which includes 1 Wunda Chair, 1 Combo Chair, 2 Allegro reformers with Jumping boards, 1 Wall Unit, 1 Ped-a Pull, 5 Clara's (Small) barrels, 1 Ladder Barrel and a variety of accessories (including Magic Circles, Foam Rollers, Balance Blocks) and Cardio workout equipment (stationary bike, punching bag, chest press and Lat Pull unit, free weights).

About Pilates

Pilates Method of exercise is a holistic, all body, versatile, intelligent and breath-emphasized workout which if practiced diligently and consistently will “return” you to healthy and active lifestyle, energize the body and keep up the spirit!

It can be as mentally challenging as physically vigorous and even aerobic at a more advanced stage.