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Teaching Subjects

Our Mission

Our Mission is to find, understand and digest the root of learning constraints faced by our students and then eventually providing customized paths and solutions that lead each of them towards the best possible learning attitude and behavior that they are capable of.


- Our selection of tutors: experienced, passionate and dedicated. It may be easy to get good academic tutors out there, but our added commitment is to provide tutors who are not only good academically but also dedicated personally to each student. 

- We promise to provide that dedication through our extensive interviewing and tutor screening process. We only hire tutors whom we believe to be good communicators and able to motivate students to their best level of personal achievement.

- Our policy of having limited number of students per classroom enables us to provide such personal attention.

-Motivational workshops and camps will be held during school breaks / summer holidays / public holidays or weekends (open to all to register even those not taking regular classes with us). This is to create and inspire the joy and fun of learning; improve interest in learning and brainstorm problems encountered by each student. 

- We listen to the needs of parents and also share our own experiences from our interaction with students, so they can understand their children better.

- For primary and secondary students: prizes / rewards will be given to the first 2 students who improve their exam results (term test) for the subjects taken at our centre. This is to help implant a friendly competitive spirit among students.







Reviews and Ratings

Connie Yap
03 Jul 2015
"Small and focus class. Help to build strong foundation"