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Pusat Tuisyen Kualiti Jasa

Teaching Subjects

Our Mission

Unlock your child's true potential with the RIGHT tuition centre.


Our unique selling point:
- A strong staff force comprising well trained, loving and caring teachers. 一群经过训练,有爱心,耐心和经验丰富且高素质的老师
- Small group classes!!! 小班制
- Accurate method of teaching 精准的教学方式
- Well established child care centre 关心及巩固孩童基本中心

We provide:
1) Preschool (Educational Foundation)
- English Phonetic Reading
- Reading & comprehension
- Bahasa Melayu Reading Classes (Suku Kata)
- Mathematics
- Mandarin (Han Yu Pin Yin)
2) Tuition Classes (Primary and Secondary)
3) Day care and homework
4) Writing class (English, Bahasa Melayu and Mandarin)