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Putrajaya Swimming Class

Teaching Subjects

Our Mission

Teach a man to fish, and he'll eat for a lifetime.. but teach a man to swim, and he'll continue living should waves come crashing down.


We have been operating in Putrajaya for nearly 7 years and trained more than 1200 swimmers (adults & children).

We offer and conduct various programmes for people with different needs, requirements and abilities.

We are specialised in

  • swimming lesson for babiies, toddler, young children, teenagers & adults
  • swimming lesson for special needs children
  • triathlon training
  • building up water confidence in aqua phobic people & those are having traumatic experience with water
  • aqua therapy for those who are having knee or back problem 

Our Objectives

  • To develop and promote awareness of necessary water skill
  • To train individuals in the skill and techniques of Effective Swimming
  • To create & develop positive minded, health & safety conscious society
  • To promote the education and training of individuals to develop and improve their capabilities in the sport of swimming
  • To promote swimming for the benefit of swimmers of all ages and abilities

Our Method

For years, we have performed researches and development into the various swimming techniques etc. Thus, finally, we came up with a new innovative Swimming Teaching Concept that we named NADI™ (Nurture, Aim, Drill and Improve) which incorporates, also our own new innovative swimming teaching techniques, called BFF (Breathe, Float and Force).

Both NADI™ and BFF are easy and simple to understand, to follow and to implement lesson. They are very suitable for non-swimmers, beginners, aqua phobias, post water traumatic sufferers and even children.

We have also incorporated this approach to swimmers who seeks to perform long distances / triathlon swimming skills or those who want to enjoy effective swimming

*No swimming aid tools like kickboard, float or pool noodle are used in our lesson, to ensure dynamic progression.

Our Guarantee

We GUARANTEE that the students will master the swimming skill upon completing the course within stipulated time given, subject to the following:

  1. To adhere & apply the methods & discipline.
  2. Students are encouraged to perform routine practice/drills in between classes on their own time for optimum result. 

*The Guarantee is for Adults students only

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Reviews and Ratings

lydia ghazi
01 Dec 2015
"The teachers are gud and able to guide the parents accordingly. My daughter within 4 classes able to dive and built her self confidence in water and able to challenge herself for water activities. Highly recommended for babies to join this class. "