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Readers' Sanctuary Sdn Bhd 童乐堡

Teaching Subjects

Our Mission

To provide parents and children the opportunity to spend quality time together on weekends to read books, play and enjoy each other’s company.


Every parent wants their children to be able to live well in the future." Many researchers said habit of the children would have a deep impact on the child's future. The UK philosopher Francis Bacon said: "The habit is a tenacious and great strength, it can influence a person's life. Therefore, every child should develop a good habit through education starting from an early age."  Every parent should learn how to cultivate and nurture a good habit in their children while they are young.


When was the last time you read books with your children? Nowadays, many parents spend lesser and lesser time in the company of their kids.


As children are being increasingly exposed to " high-technology products “at such an early age, there tends to be a lack of communication between parents and children. At the same time, heavy work responsibilities are keeping parents away from their kids.


Parents fixation with the idea of their children getting perfect score in their academic performance leads them to believe that playing is a waste of time.  Hence, they prefer to have their children in endless tuition classes.

Learning is a voluntary act, rather than forced. This will make the child  feel exhausted, and unwittingly deprive them of their childhood.


The mission of the Readers’ Sanctuary is to provide parents and children the opportunity to spend quality time together on weekends to read books, play and enjoy each other’s company. We have a small library, stocked with more than 800 books. The books are for both parents and children. They include many categories like   fantasy, adventure, fairy tales, literature, humanities, cognitive science, spiritual enhancement, and many others, as well as a vast collection of pictorial books in Bahasa, English and Mandarin.

We also provide a small playground for children from aged 3-9 with a variety of educational toys. They can help to enhance a child's thinking skills and creativity.


In addition, this center provides a unique series of life skills courses.


Courses for children

Children's Public Speaking training

Financial Literacy For Children

Color therapy For children

Children's Leadership Class

Social and Networking Skills For children

Personal Grooming for Kids Class

Baking Class for Children

Children's Table manners and dining etiquette classes


Courses for Parents

Parent-child relationship Seminar

How to educate children Seminar

Children’s health knowledge Seminar

Financial Planning and Investment Seminar

Operation hours


Wednesday-Friday 3pm-9.00pm

Saturday and Sunday-10am-6pm

Public Holiday 10am-6pm