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Rhythmusic Dance Studio

Teaching Subjects

Our Mission

To share the knowledge and passion for dance.


Welcome to a world of DanCe, mUSic, fUn & ExCiteMent...!!

Rhythmusic Dance Studio is a place for all to share the knowledge and passion for dance. We hope more individuals will be able to look at streetdance in a positive way and learn to appreciate it, bringing it to a higher level especially in Malaysia.

We specialize in streetdance classes such as hip hop(new school and old school), break dance, electric boogie (popping/boogaloo/tutting/ticking), locking, house, krumping, girls hip hop, street jazz/new jazz, reggae, whacking, kids hip hop, yoga, etc. We would also be introducing belly dance, latin, ballroom, salsa, ballet, etc. in future.