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Roots Creative Learning

Teaching Subjects

Our Mission

Helping you build strong roots in the English Language.


Our Philosophy!
We genuinely care and want to understand your learning style and offer you the right teaching method. We commit ourselves in imparting valuable knowledge with every lesson. What should not be the basis of learning is memorising, a short term and inflexible memory. Instead we want you to understand what you learn, and be able to apply it in any situation. You can finally enjoy learning.

Our English Lessons
Our interactive english lessons are effectively designed to allow an individual to gain confidence in speaking the English language and improve his or her listening and writing skills. 

Class Size
Class size is small (average 8 - 14). The teacher will have more time to focus on individual student and their specific needs. At the same time encourage more discussions among the students in order to develop their social and communication skills


Reviews and Ratings

Ms Lee
09 Jul 2015
"My daughter's class teacher has recently commented that her English essay writing has improved tremendously. Since she joined Roots Creative English, she has been able to write long imaginative stories without much guidance."
Mrs Than
09 Jul 2015
"My children has been given a very good basic English foundation by her teacher, which gives them a head start, scoring A's in their English exams."
Ms Chia
09 Jul 2015
"My son's English teacher is very creative. She has very creative ideas in helping children write essays."