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Sandhya Maarga Holistic Living Academy

Teaching Subjects

Our Mission

To unleash the best potential in an individual in all areas whether it is health, knowledge or creativity.


Sandhya Maarga Holistic Living Academy offers many different courses that we believe will help advance an individual in different areas of life by unleashing one's inner potential. We offer many natural health-related courses such as Yoga and Natural Medicine. Our Sandhya Maarga Yoga system is featured every week on NTV7's famous breakfast show: "Good Morning Tai Tai". In recognition for our founder's contribution to the field of Yoga around the world, Master Genevieve Tan has also been appointed as the honorary advisor for the World Yoga Foundation and has been interviewed about natural health by different radio and TV stations overseas.

Aside from health, we at Sandhya Maarga also believe that expressing one's creativity is extremely important in allowing the natural energy within an individual to flow freely, which will in turn balance the mind and body. We therefore also offer various courses that will maximise one's potential in the creative arts. The Academy offers music, drama and performing arts courses from Trinity College London, whereby our students will be able to obtain a certificate upon successful completion of the official examination from the United Kingdom. Our courses are suitable for different types of age groups.

Communication is also vital in bridging individuals in this world. Based on the Trinity College London syllabus, we also offer Communication Skills and Speech Communication Arts programmes. To unite people from different backgrounds, our Academy also teaches the German Language (based on the international German proficiency syllabus - TestDaf) as well as conversational Mandarin. Our Language students have successfully gone to Germany to pursue their tuition-free higher studies and China for business trips.

We strongly believe that children are the future pillars of society. We have various programmes that will help children develop their creativity, analytical skills and morality so that they may in turn serve humanity positively as they grow older.