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Sangeetha Swara Laya

Teaching Subjects

Our Mission

To disseminate knowledge in Indian Classical Music


Course Description
Introduction to the Indian Music is an introduction to the fundamental concepts of the musical practices related to the music industry. The course focuses on skills necessary for beginning and maintaining a professional career in the music industry. This course serves both the student who is wishing to increase his/her knowledge of the basic music practices of the music industry and the student who is considering further study of the music. The course utilizes lecturers and guest speakers from the music and entertainment industry from India and Malaysia with respect to career development. The course has a strong emphasis on practical applications of classroom knowledge to the music environment.

Course Content Areas
Instrumental / Vocal Ensemble
Workshop Series
Lectures and Training Series
Historical Studies
Master Classes
Music Arrangement
Concert Management

Examination Pattern
The examination system will be semester system. The student should enroll and complete the applications and the student details will be sent to Alagappa University. The students then can sit for the examination on the stipulated date given by APAA. Successful candidates will be awarded the respective certification by Alagappa University and APAA. 

The University will award respective certificates, diplomas and degrees based on successful completion of program by the students. APAA will provide the course completion certificate from APAA and Alagappa University.

Company Locations and Facilities
Sangeetha Swara Laya has obtained/rented appropriate office spaces in Penang, Johor, Selangor, Kedah and Perak that indirectly offers many benefits to the SSL company:
A close association with the Indian Community. 
Competent and professional learning centres and academic environment. 
Competent, experienced and professional working group environment. 
Strategic parking and lighted area for parents to send and fetch their children 
from class.
Roadmaps for easy access to centres. 
All class rooms are carpeted and air conditioned. 
The rooms are wide and spacious that one can even conduct Bharathanatyam