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Scape Language Studio

Teaching Subjects

Our Mission

Teaching languages such as English, Mandarin, Japanese and Bahasa Malaysia to students age 4 and above, as well as adults by using PictoMemo method.


What is Scape Signature Language Studio?
Scape Signature Language Studio aims to provide an innovative platform to break through the bottleneck of languages. By using highly engaging methods, PictoMemo to mentor and cultivate our students.

What We Believe?
We believe language is the most precious gift for children to bridge the world and connecting people in different nations. Recent research showed that “6% of people can speak 3 or more languages.” We believe our students could be one of them. We believe these would help our students to be interested in learning and be confident to apply what they have learnt. 


What is the specialties of PictoMemo?
PictoMemo  is a teaching method developed by Scape Personal Development Sdn Bhd. It is designed for young learners to mastering a new language through 5 simple steps. Begin with acquire words and phrases, young learners will enter second phase, sentence and paragraph. By the end of the courses, young learners would equip with the ability to write an article without difficulties. 


Our Teachers
Our teachers are well trained. Most of them are native speakers of the language that they teach and have years of teaching experience. Furthermore, we often survey our classes to ensure our teaching standards are of the highest quality.


Our Students
Generally, our students age 7 and above. Classes are divided into few levels to meet the different standard of learners, which is Lieutenant (age 7-9); Major (age 10-12); Colonel (age 13-15), General (age 16-18) and Marshal (age 19 and above).