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SEED wing chun combat system

Teaching Subjects

Our Mission

To introduce Wing Chun to everyone


S.E.E.D, which derives from the word: Simplicity, Effectiveness, Efficiency, Dynamics, are the core concept of the S.E.E.D Wing Chun Combat System approach. Teaching will be solely based from all the core concept, where Simplicity of approach must accompanied by Effectiveness of body mechanics that uses the Efficiency of energy to creates Dynamics of response.


Students are required to master the empty handed forms in order to proceed to a higher level of knowledge in the Wing Chun systems, which is the weaponary forms. (refer to Classes)


During the lessons of empty handed forms, students will be exposed to train with protective gears, such as padding, focus mitts, protective helmet, gloves, or even wooden dummy, just to get the feel of 'power generating' and proper posture, and of course, to prevent students from hurting one another. As S.E.E.D Wing Chun combat systems, are designed to be one of the most effective self defense system. Like one of the great Wing Chun sifu once said, " If you don't finished your opponent in 3 seconds, you don't called that a self defense".


Weaponary will be introduced to the later stage of the lesson, such as the 'Luk Dim Phun Kuan' or 'Dragon Pole' and 'Baat Cham Dou'.


Another extra plus points for S.E.E.D's students, apart from learning an awesome art, life philosophy will be taught along the way as well, such as Maxims of Wing Chun, and also the applications to benefits one's daily life, where a lot of schools did not even consider to includes in.