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Sixstrings Guitar Boutique

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Our Mission

To help you find your ideal guitar


We are a guitar boutique carrying a wide range of acoustic guitars, from affordable guitars for beginners to the premium tone woods. We respect that each individual has different needs and uses and our aim is to help you find your ideal guitar. 

Brands we carry include Maestro, Taylor, Maton, Breedlove, Lakewood and many more. Also in our product range are ukuleles, acoustic amps, strings, cables, recording devices and other acoustic guitar accessories.

For the serious guitarist, we also have a custom build service with our anchor brand Maestro Guitars (we are the distributor for Maestro Guitars in Malaysia). You can build a guitar according to your personal specifications - selecting from a variety of tone woods, binding, inlays, etc. 

We also offer guitar lessons from beginner to advanced levels.