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Space Life Studio

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Our Mission

Space Life Studio Provide Simple, Peaceful, Amazing , Calm and Energy to Your Life.


Space life studio was created to be a space for you, an escape from city life, a place where you can chill-out with friends, away from work, and away from home…but always close to your heart. 

We aspire to invite you to a peaceful place with various yoga therapies to treat your weakened body and emotion.

You are welcome to join us, not to explore what Space Life Studio, but to explore who you truly are! 




Reviews and Ratings

Vivian Tian
02 Jul 2015
"It is a great studio. I enjoyed every single class. It is hard to do certain pose, but there is so much fun. I love the feel of sweating so much after class. No need to say more good thing about this place. You just have to come and feel it for yourself."