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Sri Indah International Language Centre - SILC

Teaching Subjects

Our Mission

focus on each student’s learning skills, abilities and objectives.



Sri Indah International Language Centre was established in 2002. With its excellent language service, it provides an interactive, stimulating and a highly-effective learning environment using the most effective pedagogical methods and creative instructional materials.

Our role is to accelerate optimal language learning, hone skills and ways of reading, speaking and writing as well as listening.

Students’ achievement has always been considered the ultimate objective of Sri Indah as we promote, encourage and support language learning for personal, academic and professional purposes.

Sri Indah International Language Centre offers Cambridge English Language Assessment examinations since 2002. It does not only offer English programs such as IELTS, Cambridge ESOL , but also Mandarin, Korean and Japanese and Bahasa Melayu courses for all walks of people.

We provide tailor made corporate training and development and professional certificate courses to assist clients to maintain a competitive edge.

Today, we are the provider of the innovative e-learning program called Vital English which enhances students’ learning experience. With that, now we have two mode of learning, one is face-to-face and the other which appeals to all your senses using multimedia. Sri Indah offers blended learning English course today!

Sri Indah also a learning environment with modern office and classroom facilities.

Our teachers are professionals with extensive international experience and highly acclaimed teaching qualifications. Our expertise ranges from teaching complete beginners to coaching business professionals to use the language more effectively in their work. knowledgeable and friendly. We are dedicated in helping students’ attain their goals. We focus on each student’s learning skills, abilities and objectives.


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