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Sugam Karnatica

Teaching Subjects

Our Mission

To provide comprehensive arts and culture education for the constantly evolving new generation.


Sugam Karnatica is an arts education institution which provides formal and non-formal arts and culture education programmes for young people and adults. It is an initiative of Sugam Culture and Heritage Berhad, a registered non-profit organisation, founded in 2003 to safeguard and promote the Intangible Cultural Heritage for sustainable development.

Sugam Karnatica’s extensive studies and experiences in educating children and youngsters over 21 years have helped us identify the ideal direction for the development of young talent. Children and teenagers require a greater level of care and must be nurtured in a way that sustains their interest and passion at the earliest possible stage. The courses implemented takes into account these factors and also other contributing factors such as the cultural environment in Malaysia which there is a scant appreciation for the arts and in particular classical music. The programmes and courses are geared towards creating students and practitioners in music who are well-versed in their chosen discipline.


The absence of a formal education in Indian Arts and Music will be addressed by Sugam Karnatica’s affiliation with the Annamalai University of Tamil Nadu, India.


Apart from the courses that Sugam Karnatica will offer in affiliation with the Annamalai University, we appreciate the need to produce talent who are well-grounded in every aspect of their chosen discipline – both in terms of knowledge and practice. The outreach programs and workshops that are included in the programmes will help our students in becoming talent which are well-educated – in every sense of the word. Sugam Karnatica has recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding(MOU) with the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Annamalai University, Tamil Nadu, India to motivate and encourage students of arts to pursue their passion through systematic and organized examinations conducted in University format.