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Fast calculate with fingers only


Super Finger fast calculation is not the same as counting from 1-10 using the fingers as were normally thought. Thru this method children will learn that each finger has its value and +,-,×,÷can be done. It is also faster 5-10 times compare to other methods of can count fast than a calculator by fingers.
--It helps your child to calculate without any tools. Speed and accuracy is proven in this method. 
--Fast .Your child don't have to learn this method for many years.Within 2½ years can calculate fast any digits for +,-,×,÷.
--Practical .Easy to learn and will never forget just like learning to ride a bicycle or swimming. Fun and interesting learning method used.
--Exercises given are similar to the one given at school, no confusion.
However, a child who learns this method can answer and counter check their answers in a few seconds/minutes.

We train the children to use their fingers as a calculator and in fact they can count faster than a calculator. It also create self-confidence, enhance their concentration skills, good study habit,challenging spirit,self learning ability and this will definitely improve your child's grade.
Welcom any child aged 4-13, who can recognize numbers 1-9,Even a dault who is interesting our course.