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Teaching Subjects

Our Mission

Learn to Swim In 12 Hours Guaranteed.


Swimin12 specializes in Teaching Swimming for 3 Key Applications.

Energy Efficient Swimming, Practical Survival Skills & Therapy. (Non-competitive)

We pride ourselves in teaching in an Efficient Learning Environment, where we conduct Private Lessons of not more than 4 students in the class to maximize effectiveness.


    With Swimin12's Main focus on Research & Development, we have successfully invented & tested a few new strokes, with intelligent breakthrough teaching methods to use the least amount of energy to travel furthest distance in the water. We specialize in teaching swimming skills set for Non-competitive exercise, only swimming strokes for leisure swimming.
    All Swimin12 module are designed with the Practicality of every strokes in mind, instead of focusing on learning the strokes to meet competitive requirements. You will learn to counter various Survival Scenarios like simulating swimming in the sea, prevent water from entering the nose / mouth. Countering Cramp in the deep water & many more Practical Survival Knowledge
    We have helped students with Autism, Hyperactive, Polio, Cerebral Palsy, Blind, Deaf, Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) to find their new found freedom in the water. Leveraging on the swimming platform to relax, heal & exercise. We have been the pioneer in combining advance psychology with swimming platform to re-program the mind to build positive thoughts, increase intelligence & many more long term benefits



Reviews and Ratings

Judy Chin Yean Leng
30 Mar 2016
"My daughter n myself had learned tremendous n improved on our swimming skills n conference from EJ.whilst under his supervision n excellent coaching.we r indeed grateful for the styles n techniques he had taught us including advise on surviving skills in the water n the confidence to adopt.EJ is an excellent swimming teacher n I trust he would continue to be a great coach to all swimming enthusiasts n i wish him all the best in all his future undertakings Like Like Love Haha Wow Sad Angry CommentShare"
Hoong May Ann
30 Mar 2016
"Something has to be said about Swimin12 when 4 lessons later my husband, who did not even know how to float, could swim breast stroke the entire breadth of the pool. Something even greater must be said about Swimin12 when my 4 year old daughter who used to scream when the pool water touches her head can, after 2 months, jump without hesitation into the deepest end of the pool and swim to her coach some meters away. So, adults, if swimming has always been a skill you want to pick up. Come over to Swimin12. There are many adults learning here. You won't be alone. And the staff are very passionate and encouraging. And for your kids, if you want them to learn swimming properly, don't waste your time and money looking everywhere and getting no where. Believe me, I have been there and done that. Come over. Swimin12 techniques work!!!!"
Chloe Chong
30 Mar 2016
"Highly recommended, coach is friendly, gives clear instructions, can point out my problems and correct me immediately. Nice environment too!"
Edward Chen
30 Mar 2016
""It's slightly pricey but really amazing. My kid manage to swim 50m in 2nd class. Took many class elsewhere but no results. Here the coaches are amazing. 2 thumbs up""
Wan Li Tang
30 Mar 2016
"Strongly recommended ! I'm amazed by the professional training and service provided here!"
Victoria Aik Yen
30 Mar 2016
"Superrrrrr professional swim sport centre! highly recommended for the awesome lesson outcome"
Joyce Lowis
30 Mar 2016
"Wow its so amazing that I can finally know how to swim in the first class with 0 swimming knowledge! I'm so excited with the professional , fun and very clear instructions during the lesson. It makes me learn speedy and confidently ??? Strongly recommended!"
Jess Lim
30 Mar 2016
"Freestyle Swimming : From 0 lap to lapsss (still couting..). BIG thanks to Yeap Eu Juan from swim in 12. It took me monthssss to "self-learn" freestyle and yet i achieved 0 lap! But it only took me LESS than 3 lessons ( 1 hour each) with a professional swim coach!"