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Urban Defensive Combat

Teaching Subjects

Our Mission

Impact the lives of society by BREAKING Mindset – Physical Barriers & developing their potentials to achieve dreams.


Urban Defensive Combat (UDC) is a type of Hybrid-mixed martial arts covers all possible combat range for Street Defense. The Art  can be taken up by both genders, especially Women who wants to be equipped with:
1) Preventive, Efficient & Explosive Street Defensive Combat Skills
2) Fitness
3) Mental Alertness & Body Reflexes
4) Knowledge on Body Pressure Points
5) Western & Eastern Martial arts philosophies

The philosophy of Urban Defensive Combat is “Uniting Forms, Breaking Barriers”. It simply means, Uniting the strengths of different martial arts, breaking the barriers and limitation in the art of self-defense.

UDC is highly inspired and influenced by Jeet Kune Do (JKD) a martial arts also known as “a style without a style” founded by The Legend Bruce Lee. Many people have used JKD system as a foundation to develop their styles and techniques into an effective art ever since. Despite the development of each individual person mastering JKD, the basic principle of the art is still to be followed as “be like the water”. Hence a good martial artist should move fluidly and act swiftly without hesitation.

MISSION: To Train, Impact and Empower Society through physical and mental application of Western & Eastern Martial Arts philosophies & skills.

The program teaches an individual to flow between different martial arts, and not limiting oneself within just an art, but to go beyond it.



Reviews and Ratings

Gordon Nonis
12 Dec 2016
"I've been attending the JKD classes for just over a month now, and I strongly recommend them to anyone who is interested in taking up a new martial art, or concerned about safety and self-defense, or even just looking for a program for fitness and personal well-being."
Lili Yusoff
12 Dec 2016
"Interesting!!! Good to learn for self defense. Trainer Joshua is very patient in teaching all levels of trainee.."
Wendy Loh
12 Dec 2016
"Conducive environment to pick up different aspects of self defense skills, increase your mental alertness and improve overall health . Dedicated trainer."
Kendra Nilufer
12 Dec 2016
"Joshua teaches from his heart & passion, not purely for commercial gain. I have followed his first class since July 2015 till now. He does not rush everyone into fancy techniques but always ensure the foundation (footwork) is good before adding on new skills. Practical skills, simple & effective."