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Tadika Sri Cerdas Mewah-Center Photo
Tadika Sri Cerdas Mewah

Teaching Subjects

Our Mission

to help the child in developing his intellectual and physical abilities.


Tadika Sri Cerdas Mewah was established in 1999.

Tadika Sri Cerdas Mewah has a new concept in child development. Our kindergarten introduces a diverse range of learning resources, which brings about the total development of the child.

The kindergarten prepares the child to be exposed to materials and experience to help the child in developing his intellectual and physical abilities.

The kindergarten teaches the 4M method and the approach of implementation is recommended by the latest National Pre-school Standard Curriculum from the Ministry of Education.

The kindergarten has a wide range of dedicated and experienced teachers.

Tadika Sri Cerdas Mewah is registered under the Education Department of Selangor, Malaysia.

Registration number : PPDHL/BOB 4187 under name (TADIKA SRI CERDAS MEWAH).

The curriculum includes :
(a) Bahasa Malaysia
(b) English
(c) Chinese
(d) Mathematics
(e) Science
(f) Moral
(g) Peter and Jane
(h) Phonic/Singing
(i) Art and etc
(j) Concert
(k) Family Day
(l) Sport Day
(m) Snack (Halal)
(n) 三字經
(o) 弟子規

Registration for : 3, 4, 5 and 6 years old

Time of classes :
(Monday to Friday)
(a) Morning session
08.30a.m – 12.00p.m.
(b) Afternoon session
12.30p.m – 04.00p.m.

School Bus :
School bus can be arranged.

Date & time Enrollment :
From Monday to Sunday
(9.00a.m – 02.00p.m)

School Contact Number : 03-4296 2554 ( Teacher Tan )
Phone Contact Number : 012-693 2619 ( Teacher Tan )
e-mail: sricerdas@hotmail.com
website: www.tadikasricerdas.edu.my

# Please bring along your child’s birth certificate.