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Tadika Sri Perdana-Center Photo
Tadika Sri Perdana

Teaching Subjects

Our Mission

combination of international and local preschool curriculum for aged 2.6 to 6 years old.


The school is sited on 1.29 acre of land with a purposed-built building for preschoolers aged from 2.6 to 6 years old. It adopts a well-balanced curriculum which helps develop children their skills beyond preschool. The school's philosophy :

"We believe that every child is a unique individual and is endowed with talents and the desire to succeed. It is our duty and responsibility to provide quality education to maximise the individual child's learning potential and ensure that our children grow intellectually, physically, socially and morally."

At Tadika Sri Perdana, the administrators, teachers, parents and children work in harmony, grow as a family and glow as a school resulting in a nurturing, effective and happy school